[VHFcontesting] RE: Proposed VHF Rule Changes (Bill Seabreeze)

SteveWS4F at aol.com SteveWS4F at aol.com
Tue Feb 24 12:33:27 EST 2004

In a message dated 2/24/04 10:56:29 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
n0jk at hotmail.com writes:
Please support the rules change to acknowledge DX Stations in the Contest 
Summaries, establish awards for them and allow "DX - to - DX" QSOs in the 
VHF Contests.  Thank You.

- Jon N0JK
I also support this DX station change 100% as outlined by Jon.  As has been 
pointed out very well by others here, though, most of the other proposals would 
be disastrous for vhf contesting.  I will respond in more detail at a later 

Steve Adams, K4RF
Southeastern Division Contest Advisory Committee Rep..

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