[VHFcontesting] RE: ARRL and increasing activity (contest proposal) (John Geiger)

jon jones n0jk at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 24 19:17:06 EST 2004

>So if we want to increase activity and participation
>on VHF/UHF bands, we need to hit it from several
>areas.  At the top, the ARRL needs to rethink their
>educational approach to include and encourage these
>bands and modes.  ...  The
>technician class licensees there act like the tech
>privledges are purgatory.  Not quite Hell but close.
>Most of them never tried 6 meters, 2 meters SSB, or

Good points, John. If more of the new Techs are aware of all the different 
bands and modes they can operate, more of them may get on for the VHF 

>If you get a chance, operate 6 meters or 2 meters at
>Field Day.

Field Day is an excellent venue to showcase "weak signal" and Satellite 
operation for new hams.

>We need to stress the
>other end, that a simple dipole or quarter wave will
>get you VUCC on 6 meters.  I know because I got my
>first 6 meter VUCC using an indoor dipole.

Another good point, with some diligence, a new ham can work alot of stuff on 
6M Es with a simple setup. You can even do well in the June VHF Contest:


Band  QSOs  Mults
   6:    283   126

"In about 10 minutes I had built a 6m dipole and it took about another 10 
minutes to hang it about 10 feet off the ground from one end of the porch to 
a tree in the sideyard.  Hooked it up to the
IC-746 and I was ready to go, complete with handmike and paper log.  As soon 
I turned the rig on, it was gangbusters for the next five hours.  I would 
have dreamed that I could establish and hold a run frequency and run 
stations at
over 100 per hour with about as basic a station as you can put together.  
weekend was a blast.  Thanks guys for all the contacts and all the fun." - 
Bryan W5KFT (3830 post)

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