[VHFcontesting] Rovers again

Tree tree at kkn.net
Wed Feb 25 17:59:30 EST 2004

Well, I tried to bite by tongue, but decided to add my voice to this ongoing

Like some, I see three types of rovers:

1. A "good" rover.
2. A "captive" rover.
3. A "circle" rover (my name for grid circling).

A good rover does this:

 - Drive to a grid and gets on the highest hill he can find.
 - Gets on one of the calling frequencies
 - Makes some noise and works the guys who calls him
 - Announces that he is now going to so-and-so band.
 - Spends a few minutes on as many bands as they have.
 - Perhaps they drive towards the next grid and do all 
   of this again before going into the next grid.  Maybe
   they also take a quick spin on two or six meters and 
   see if anyone they haven't worked is CQing.

A captive rover does the same thing, except they don't make much noise on 
any calling frequency.  They find their multi-multi either CQing or on some
pre-arranged frequency and then work them on all of their bands.  They turn
off their junk and proceed to their next assigned spot.  The only people 
getting any enjoyment are those who are involved in the multi-multi.

A circle rover does un-natural things that involve mostly working the other
rovers in tow.  They might bother working a few other stations, but mostly
it is more trouble than it is worth.

So - if your goal is to increase activity on VHF bands - clearly "good"
rovers do more to make the contest fun for the majority of the participants.

Anyone doing #3 should be DQ'd using the fuzzy rule 2.3.5: "All Rovers are
encouraged to adopt operating practices that allow as many stations as
possible to contact them".  Imagine how much more fun they would generate
if 3 rovers were being "good" as opposed to only working themselves.

Most of the rovers I know, also enjoy being "good".  


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