[VHFcontesting] Re: VHFcontesting Digest, Vol 14, Issue 31

Ed K1EP k1ep at mgef.org
Wed Feb 25 20:57:42 EST 2004

At 2/25/04 08:41 PM, Tree wrote:
>On Wed, Feb 25, 2004 at 08:38:04PM -0500, Stanka1ze at aol.com wrote:
>>     I am not in favor of going back to the old scoring rules. It created 
>> inflated scores then and will do so again if we return. I don't like the idea of 
>> having someone judge my score based some soft language that does not condone 
>> circling. Unless we say YOU CAN'T DO IT I have no problem with those who want to 
>> do it. An idea to make it less attractive might be to not be to require 15min 
>> of off time between contacts when changing grids. This wouldn't have much 
>> impact on most Rovers, but would really slow down the circlers. 1 intersection 
>> with 2 Rovers requires 16 grid changes. 16 X 15min = 4hours of wasted time. I 
>> thing this would douse the flames on anyone wanting to circle. There would be no 
>> need to judge your motives or whether you operated within the spirit of the 
>> rules, we would just check the time off when changing grids. All rovers would 
>> still be able to score their logs like every other category. Their scores would 
>> still be on a same effort level as the categories and SHOULD BE ALLOWED in 
>I think this is a great idea.  Thanks for sharing it Stan.

Driving home from Dayton last year, I entered the County Hunters Contest.  I had a CD map of our route and had mapped out where all the county lines were.  There were instances when we (I wasn't driving!) crossed in to and out of a county several times in a matter of minutes.  I draw an analogy to a rover who is driving to his or her next grid square.  Roads are rarely straight and if they are near a grid line, I suspect that you might pop in and out of one grid many times during your travels.  Some rovermobiles are equipped to operate some of the lower bands while in motion.  This will limit their ability to operate.  Granted, the chances of finding a road like that might be small, but I think it is a real situation that should be considered.  I agree that grid circling is contrary to the intent and not in the spirit of the contest and do not condone it.  But like some spam filtering, this method could produce some false positives...

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