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David Hinton ke4yyd at gtcom.net
Thu Feb 26 17:46:32 EST 2004

I agree with Mike.  Meteor scatter by WSJT is many times more difficult
than most phone contacts I have made in or out of contests. Denigrating the
value of WSJT is of no value to the Ham radio experience.


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> > for everything I say.   Hey, I've played with many, if not most,
> > modes out there over the years, including WSJT.  Some are more
> > interesting than others, but the only ones that involve real operator
> > skill - detection and decoding of the signal by the human brain - are
> > phone and CW (and the argument that one can use a machine to read CW
> This statement is totally contrary to my experience. I have made hundreds
> of WSJT meteor scatter QSOs from home and the rover and in not one case
> would I consider it to have been trivial, easy, or routine.  A great deal
> of operator skill, experience, patience, and even luck are required.  A
> computer is certainly involved, but it is only a tool the operator must
> employ to decipher what are often tricky if not deceptive streams of data.
> WSJT is most definitely NOT packet radio!  If operator skill is the issue
> here, WSJT has to rank very high on the degree of difficulty.
> Fortunately, the rules committee recognizes this and rightly allows the
> use of this revolutionary communication mode in VHF contests.
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