[VHFcontesting] "Preventing" grid circling

Buck Calabro Buck.Calabro at commsoft.net
Fri Feb 27 12:07:56 EST 2004

> how about a scoring provision that 
> reduces or removes the Reward (score) 
> for repeated Rover-to-Rover contacts 
> over _trivial distances_?

The idea of the proposed changes was to encourage participation.  Telling rovers that they will get whacked for talking to other rovers will NOT increase participation.  

If the problem is that the gap between the top scores and the rest of us is too intimidating, then create a special Mega class where stations/clubs over some points threshold compete against each other.  That way us little rovers might have a chance at a plaque, or that creates too many plaques, maybe I can see my name in QST!  Leave the scoring alone so we can see how we did year over year.  If I ever get good, I can graduate from the Pee Wee rover class to the Midget class (although we might want to use different names!)

73 de KC2HIZ/r, Buck

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