[VHFcontesting] Grid circling time limit problem....possible solution.

David Olean k1whs at worldpath.net
Sat Feb 28 02:22:07 EST 2004

    I have to agree with Mr. Lass. I would not compare a scheduled 5 or 10
GHz  rover contact with a random VHF contact unless my frequency accuracy
was +/- 30 kHz on 144 depending on what time of day it was, and my beamwidth
on 144 was 2 degrees or less.  I had to true up the tower to make sure my 10
GHz beamwidth was including the horizon. I didn't do that on the two meter
beam.   Now add the same problem on the other end and there ain't no way I
would say that a  random VHF or UHF contact is the same as one of these
rover skeds. We are not even talking about the perceived path loss variation
between bands either.  Power output? The situation may be a little better on
the lower microwave bands, but my 3456 beamwidth is under 3 degrees too.
    Maybe if the 10 GHz rover was very close by, you could say it was easy,
but most contacts we make are pretty long haul. If it was easy on
microwaves, it would not be half the fun!
Dave K1WHS
(New Grandpa Dave)

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> At 01:12 PM 2/27/2004 -0800, Fred Lass wrote:
> >
> >I do not see a problem with a large M/M group sending a microwave rover
> >a distant grid square.  The technical challenge of such QSO's are far
> >greater than random VHF or UHF contacts.
> >
> >73,  Fred  K2TR
> Neither do I.  As long as that rover QSO's with other stations in ADDITION
> to the "large M/M group" and any associated rovers who sent that microwave
> rover out to the distant grid square(s).  I don't see the technical
> challenge being greater than random VHF or UHF contacts however.  Random
> QSO's most certainly are more challenging than pre-arranged (scheduled)
> 73,
> Ed K3DNE
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