[VHFcontesting] Preventing grid circling

Bob K0NR k0nr-list at rwitte.com
Sat Feb 28 16:21:59 EST 2004

What if the anti-grid-circling rule included some kind of time limit
but one that only applies to rover-to-rover contacts. For example,
using Dan's "can't re-enter the same grid for one hour" rule, we'd
modify that to be "can't re-enter the same grid and work a
previously-worked rover station for one hour". This needs some thought
and wordsmithing but the basic idea is to only delay (not disallow)
QSOs that meet these criteria:
  - you've re-entered a grid that you've operated from before
  - only rover-to-rover contacts
  - only rovers that you've worked before (when they were presumably in
another grid)

A little complicated but perhaps workable. 

The idea is that the one hour delay applies only to rover-to-rover
contacts AND only applies to previously worked rovers. So if a new
rover shows up you can work him right away. Working other stations are


Bob K0NR

P.S. I agree with Dan on nuking the 146.52 MHz rule. 

> ------------------------------
> Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2004 11:58:47 -0500
> From: "Dan Evans" <n9rla at yahoo.com>
> To: <VHFcontesting at contesting.com>
> Subject: [VHFcontesting] Preventing grid circling.
> I wouldn't want to place a limit on the time a Rover has to wait
> leaving a grid.  That would be to restrictive on normal Roving.
> For example, if you place a 15 minute rule before activating the next
> grid
> when I get to a 4 grid corner it's going to take a full hour for me
> work
> that corner.  That's too restrictive on 'run and gun' type Rovers.
> However, a key to grid circling is for each Rover to BACKTRACK
> each
> of the grids to make sure that each of the Rovers has worked the
> in
> and FROM every grid.  This means that each Rover has to make multiple
> trips
> through the grids.
> So, if instead of a minimum time in grid rule, we go with a minimum
> time
> before RE-ENTERING a grid, we have stopped circling without being
> overly
> restrictive to normal Rovers.  For example, placing a 1 hour time
> before you can re-enter a grid would allow a 'run and gun' Rover to
> work a
> grid corner without slowing him down.  However, a pack of circling
> Rovers
> would only get the 4 mults and 4 QSO's per band, instead of the
> 16.
> Unless they want to take the 4 hours it would take to go back through
> each
> grid.  Which would efficiently slow them down as well.
> I know there are a lot of Rovers that would object to this because it
> is
> still restrictive of normal Rovers.  For example, when I travel up
> through Indianapolis I pass from EM69 into EM79 and back again within
> few
> miles as the road curves across the grid boundary.  I usually try to
> pick up
> some contacts on 2m FM while going through the different grids.  The
> re-entry rule would prevent me from working some of them.  So this is
> not a
> perfect solution, but it seems to be the LEAST restrictive.  And I'm
> afraid
> if we want to come up with a hard and fast rule to prevent grid
> circling,
> then we are likely to have endure some restrictions.  If someone
> can
> come up with better solution, I would certainly like to see it.  Or
> we
> need a solution?  Rovers?
> P.S.  I think it's time to drop the 146.52 rule...
> 73
> Dan
> Dan Evans K9ZF
> Scottsburg, IN 47170
> {EM78}
> K9ZF /R no budget Rover
> ex-N9RLA

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