[VHFcontesting] "highly undesireable practices"

John Geiger johngeig at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 29 18:15:44 EST 2004

> 7. What I feel is a general antipathy of the ARRL
> towards VHF'ers

I disagree with this one.  I believe that the ARRl
loves VHF more than anything else, as long as it is FM
or packet.

Other than that, I couldn't agree more with your
statements.  I feel the whole grid circling/capative
roving issue came up because one group, or maybe a
couple of groups, didn't win what they felt they
deserved to, so they had to start complaining and
blaming others.  

Personally, I find nothing wrong with capative rovers
or grid circling.  I go into each contest knowing that
I am not going to win based on geography alone.  THere
is just no way that I can complete with the higher
density areas.  Maybe those of us in less popluated
areas should get a special "lack of activity"
multiplier to even us out with 1 land.

73s John NE0P


John Geiger
Assistant Professor of Psychology, Cameron University

Ham Call NE0P, active 160-70cm
Kenwood TS-B2000, Icom 706, Icom 502, Yaesu FT690, Yaesu VX5R 

3 VUCCs on 50mhz: from EN41, EN51, EM04, #1014, #1015, #1290
2 meter VUCC #615
Satellite VUCC #129
5 band awards: WAS, WAC, WAZ

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