[VHFcontesting] grid loops drips and circles

Tom Miller ac5tm at bellsouth.net
Sun Feb 29 22:48:06 EST 2004

I think that a new category should be made for just for those who circle(I
did have a great name but will leave it out in decorum).  If someone wants
to do it then let them, I think that is how you keep things interesting.
Just like use of spotting nets etc for LM and UNLM.  It is just a little
different with small rule change and should be accepted.  The rules change
to try and keep the results not too far out of wacky.  The 52 rule is a
prime example in Chicago it did reduce certain big guns scores but made 52
usable again.  However here in New Orleans it killed any chance of
generating FM random QSO's.

I think it must be fun and a whole lot of work to make it a worth while
How about a contest just for grid circlers/rovers.  Get everybody out in the
Looking from an emergency communications stand point what a great motivator
to developed more mobile setups and different band activity.  Small rule
changes can be made to deal with captive(only live for one station) and
those who just circle and keep the contest fun for most.
You can please some of folks some of the time but that is the best you can
I may be that next grid rover circler pirate you hear.

Tom Miller AC5TM
ARRL Life Member
CSVHF Life Member

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