[VHFcontesting] W6CFO/R

JT Croteau jt at w6cfo.net
Tue Nov 2 12:56:26 EST 2004

Well, here's my first rover attempt:


Stack of two 2M m2 Halos using their "Big Foot" mag mount.

I must say that I am really impressed with how well the whole setup 
withstands the windage created by my heavy foot driving down the 405 
here in So. Cal.

I will probably guy it here shortly mainly to prevent fluttering of my 
signal while mobile but it certainly doesn't need them.

My present rig in the truck is an IC-706 putting out a max of 50W (for now).

I made my first contact this morning via an arranged sked on 144.20.  He 
was mobile in DM03 and I was parked in DM13 at the time.  Unfortunately, 
he was only vertically polarized so I could only copy him at a 3x3 even 
though I was into him as a 5x9.

Many other things planned for the rover as time and money permits.


  JT Croteau                                             Wilmington, CA
  ARS W6CFO/MM aboard "QuickSilver"                  Los Angeles Harbor

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