[VHFcontesting] Sports vs. Radiosports

jon jones n0jk at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 6 10:59:40 EDT 2004

Just a quick correction for the sake of proper credit...

>>>A 21st century Focus does not include hams who do not have means to 
>>>electronically submit logs, or who choose to use paper logging? Let's 
>>>keep the focus on being inclusive rather than exclusive. I'm sure the 
>>>contest sponsors would narrow the window if their experience would allow 
>>>for it.
>- W2EV
     Was actually stated by AL1VE

Ev:  sorry about that!  Thanks for the kind words re. the web Cabrillo 

- N0JK

>WA7BNM Web2Cabrillo 1.03
>Thus the "paper loggers" can submit their logs electronically. A "contest 
>log" deadline of 1 to 3 days would be possible.

Good point, Jon.  The WA7BNM system was an excellent addition to the "analog
logger's" arsonal.

Ev, W2EV

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