[VHFcontesting] Sports vs. Radiosports

Ev Tupis w2ev at arrl.net
Tue Sep 7 07:07:55 EDT 2004

Having engendered some very thought provoking responses (and keep 'em coming!), 
my mind wandered to a new Radiosporting structure...

Suppose the system allowed for two types of non-paper entries (paper entries 
could still be allowed, but handled differently), I-logging and e-Submittal. 
I-logging is online, real time logging with users connecting to a web-server 
that does all the work (like that gaming system that Roger mentioned earlier). 
e-Submittal is nothing different than what we do now...log locally and submit 
electronically -- but with compressed timelines to support more immediate 
publication of results, while allowing enough time for authorities to properly 
audit submittals.

I-logging speaks for itself.  It has the potential of infusing new excitement 
into the Radiosport.  Kenneth mentioned several well stated items that would 
need to be considered taking this approach.  Forming a small committee of 
Amateur radio young 'uns who also on-line game to provide input as to how 
on-line game sites deal with these issues would be in order.

By logging-in and answering some enhanced "Cabrillo-like" questions about the 
operation, enough data can be collected so as to allow one to setup their own 
operating class and be kept up to date on one's performance relative to it 
throughout the contest!  For instance, wouldn't it be interesting to you, to 
have real-time charts presented to your station that showed your standing 
against other stations in your region (or not) whose operator experience, power 
level and antenna gain was similar to yours?  Rookies could "compete" against 
other rookies (how's THAT for removing the negative motivation of submitting a 
low score!).  There are many variations possible on this theme.

THIS could very well be the killer application that Radiosporting has been 
waiting for.  It is to Radiosporters what Internet-linked repeaters is to 

Let's keep the thread alive for a while.  I'm interested in learning what is 
"cool" to you about the idea...as well as other caveats to consider if such a 
system were to be developed.

Ev, W2EV

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