[VHFcontesting] Radio Sports

K3uhf at aol.com K3uhf at aol.com
Tue Sep 7 12:12:49 EDT 2004

There is not enough of us to divide us into little sections and small 
competitive categories and still feel like you are competing.  However I think grid 
circling rovers should play with themselves since all they are doing is talking 
to themselves. 

     So in a sense I compete with myself and those around me who I know are 
offering themselves to everyone to work in the contests.  Here in the Northwest 
there are several rovers who can send and receive signals several grid 
squares away it is an honor to work and compete with them.  

    Where grid circling which is still allowed is a different type of sport 
that can be done any day with or without a contest, perhaps the arrl should set 
up a 33 hour grid circling world record and let people try to beat it at 
their leisure.  I would bill it as "Radio Square Dancing."

  I rove, I use paper and will continue to do so for safety reasons. I would 
give up roving if I was made to use a computer during the contest.  Did you 
hear about the guy charged for murder for watching TV while driving?  Well, 
typing on a computer is just as dangerous if not more so.  I use a foot switch to 
transmit, headset to talk/listen, and band switch to move from band to band.  
900 MHz takes a moment but I don't try that while driving much.


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