[VHFcontesting] Sports vs. Radiosports

Duane Grotophorst n9dg at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 8 22:18:23 EDT 2004

I would suggest that such a contest be kept near
real-time for all participants who are competing for
awards. As I suggested before I think that a once per
hour log submission requirement would be adequate. Or
to better define such a rule you must update your log
to in order to avoid penalty (on the sponsor's server)
before your oldest unsubmitted Q is 1 hour old. So if
you actually do sleep at night or have other operating
gaps you need not worry about keeping your log updated
on the sponsors server continually. Just make sure
that you have no unsubmitted Q's before you take your
break. This may also help make the rover proposition a
bit more viable as well. It also allows you to not
need a continuous Internet connection open.


--- Ev Tupis <w2ev at arrl.net> wrote:

> > So in your viewpoint, "always-on" Internet
> connectivity is a requirement 
> > to participate in such a real-time event?
> Not at all.  It would simply be a requirement for
> those who wish to take 
> advantage of realtime statistical feedback.  The
> system could work for folks 
> with un-dedicated dialup by periodically connecting
> and doing things as a batch 
> process.  Rovers and hilltopers could simply upload
> their logs within 36-hours 
> of the event closure (and wouldn't have the thrill
> of watching things unfold in 
> real-time).  No matter what, official results could
> be posted within 30-days or 
> less.
> Imagine a gamer-like system that can show real-time
> stats like this:
> UTC Time    : 18:25                      Event Time
> Elapsed  : 00:25
> Category    : High Power Single Op      
> Participants: 467 Total, 251 as HPSO
> Top 5 Participants in USA          1:855 2:756 3:692
> 4:691 5:624 (uncertified)
> Top 5 Participants in ARRL Section 1:624 2:512 3:333
> 4:191 5:    (uncertified)
> Your Score  : 624
> Don't get too wrapped up in the details above, this
> is just a first-whack and an 
> all-text representation of a concept.
> Such a system could be so cool! :)
> Ev, W2EV

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