[VHFcontesting] Revised Rover Plans

Dave Agsten w4txs at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 10 22:36:12 EDT 2004

Once again I need about 30 hours in the day to get all the things done that need to be done. I won't be able to make the NC run this contest but will plan to hit SE NC next June.
For this weekend:  I will check in on 144.260 each time I enter a new grid
1800Z FM18AX
1900Z FM19AA
2000Z FM09XB
2230Z FM08VT    Skyline drive looking mostly NE to S
Sunday (time depends on when I leave FM08VT
0100Z - till ??  FM08US
nap time until ~ 1000Z then mobile via FM18 and FM08 to FM07MW Blue Ridge Pkwy
Mobile to EM97 then EM96 - time there depends on activity
Sorry I don't have exact grid locator.....I'm still winging it looking for good spots to stop.
I should be running the following if I get it all slapped together in the AM
6 Meters - 100w - PAR Omni and Moxon when Stopped and set up - 50.165
2 Meters - 100w to a pair of PAR Omni Angles  - 144.260
              - 180w to 7 ele when setup
222         - 25 watts to pair of PAR Omni Angles
              - 125w to 7 ele when setup
432         - 50w to pair of PAR Omni Angles or 18 ele M2 when setup  432.110
903         - 10 wattts to M2 10 ele - only when setup
1296       - 10w to 25ele LY only when setup
GL to all es 73,
Dave W4TXS

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