[VHFcontesting] Switching Power SupplieAlinco DM-330MVTs (opinions)

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Rusty...You can't lose with the Alinco DM-330MVT.  I've had one for two
years now running a IC-271A and an amp.  32 Amps, lots of connectors, no
detectable hash and a way to "tune" it away from working freqs if
needed.  Plus it's compact and good looking.  Check the eham reviews.  I
love mine.  Darrell W4CX

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Anyone out there running a switching supply with a 160W brick and a rig
on the same supply?  Have been running an IC-271A (20W) and a Mirage
B1016 (160W) for about 8 years now and my 35A Pyramid supply has finally
died.  The amp and rig never pushed the PS all the way.  I have read
review after review on different PS's on www.eham.net and still can't
decide what I need to do exactly.  Seems there are so many variations in
reviews.  Just trying to see if any of you are running a switcher and if
you are having any problems at all.  Right now just for the reason of
the "no matter what warranty", multiple terminals, and a good local
dealer I am leaning towards the 40A MFJ.  The Diamond 40A looks ok, the
Diawa has good reports but only 1 set of binding posts and is 30A, and
then there is the Astron which is 25A too.  I don't know that the Astron
has quite strong enough.  I think my amp and rig together pull about 27A
an that is not counting any other accessories.  Any good reports
  on any
 of the supplies mentioned?  Don't get me wrong, I like the regular old
regulated supplies with large transformers just like the Pyramid that I
have but I could use some more deskspace and something lighter for
mountain-topping since my old supply finally gave up the ghost anyway.
Rusty Boling  NE4ME  formerly AE4BK

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