[VHFcontesting] 220 SPRINT Results from FN12

kentke kentke at infoblvd.net
Wed Sep 29 00:15:55 EDT 2004

Hello all,

Worked the 220 Sprint this evening from FN12. Band seemed to be in fairly good shape from here, just seemed to be a lack of activity. Had 30 contacts in 20 grids, point total is 600. Here is a list of grids worked:
EN 91, EN92
FM09, FM17, FM18, FM19, FM29
FN00, FN02, FN03, FN10, FN13, FN20, FN21, FN22, FN30, FN31, FN41, FN42, FN33
Farthest contact with KO4YC in FM17.

No one heard in EN90, EN93
No one heard in EM98, EM99
No one heard in FM08, FM28
No one heard in FN01, FN04, FN11, FN12, FN14, FN24 - big hole on the map. 
No one heard in FN23 but the WA2UMX/B in FN23 was in here loud.
No one heard in FN24, FN32, FN33 - another hole on the map. 

Had a good chat with W3ZZ and K1WHS 

Hope to work you next week for the 432 sprint.


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