[VHFcontesting] Call For Papers 2006 Southeastern VHF Conference

Jim Worsham wa4kxy at bellsouth.net
Sun Dec 4 17:24:05 EST 2005

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Jim, W4KXY

Call for Papers
10th Annual Southeastern VHF Society Conference
April 28th and 29th, 2006
Greenville, South Carolina

The Southeastern VHF Society is calling for the submission of papers and
presentations for the upcoming 10th Annual Southeastern VHF Society
Conference to be held in Greenville, South Carolina on April 28th and 29th,
2006.  Papers and presentations are solicited on both the technical and
operational aspects of VHF, UHF and Microwave weak signal amateur radio.
Some suggested areas of interest are:

•	Transmitters
•	Receivers
•	Transverters
•	RF Power Amplifiers
•	RF Low Noise Pre Amplifiers
•	Antennas
•	Construction Projects
•	Test Equipment And Station Accessories
•	Station Design And Construction
•	Contesting
•	Roving
•	DXpeditions
•	Propagation (Sporadic E, Meteor Scatter, Troposphere Ducting, etc.)
•	Digital Modes (WSJT, etc.)
•	Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
•	Software Defined Radio (SDR)
•	Amateur Satellites
•	Amateur Television

In general papers and presentations on non weak signal related topics such
as FM repeaters and packet will not be accepted but exceptions may be made
if the topic is related to weak signal.  For example, a paper or
presentation on the use of APRS to track rovers during contests would be

The deadline for the submission of papers and presentations is March 3,
2006.  All submissions should be in Microsoft Word (.doc) or alternatively
Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) files.  Pages are 8 and 1/2 by 11 inches with a 1 inch
margin on the bottom and ¾ inch margin on the other three sides.  All text,
drawings, photos, etc. must be black and white only (no color).  Please
indicate when you submit your paper or presentation if you plan to attend
the conference and present there or if you are submitting just for
publication.  Papers and presentations will be published in bound
proceedings by the ARRL.  Send all questions, comments and submissions to
the technical program chair, Jim Worsham, W4KXY at w4kxy at bellsouth.net.

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