[VHFcontesting] Have AM-6155, Need Transmit Tube and fuse holders

Todd Brooks toddhbrooks at hotmail.com
Sun Dec 11 09:51:34 EST 2005

Hi All!
I have purchased a ITT AM-6155/GRT-22 amplifier serial number 14897 that 
does not have the transmit tube or the front panel fuse holder caps.
I am reworking two of these amplifiers, one for 432MHZ, the other for 222MHZ 
weak signal use.
I am looking to purchase one or two transmit tubes and at least three fuse 
holder caps for the AM-6155/AM-6164 series amps.

The original tube is a 4CX-250B 7203 Eimac I believe. Another cross ref # is 
Y-596 Eimac I believe.
Are the Eimac 4CX-250B's different from the Amperex 4X-250B???
Are there any other suitable tetrodes for this application??

Thanks in advance for any and all help and 73's!
Todd de N3QFZ FN-19

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