[VHFcontesting] repairing a transverter

Ray J ray at w9ray.org
Wed Dec 21 20:26:02 EST 2005

I would think  that the mixer is the first thing in line to be killed,  
unless you are running the  low drive option where there is a mmic amp 
in the tx IF line then that might have died...

Ray J

Dan wrote:

>I'm finally getting around to repairing my old transverter.  It's a DEM 
>432-28, the old 10 watt version.  Anyway, the last time I went Roving it 
>stopped transmitting.  I'm pretty sure I hit it with too much drive 
>power.  [maybe half a watt or so, not 100 watts anyway].
>I'm guessing this may have happened to some of the folks on this list a 
>time or two [or twenty ;-) ] so I thought I would ask for tips before I 
>open it up.
>I guess I also need to look into a QRPp power meter to monitor my IF 
>drive level...

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