[VHFcontesting] Down Sizing my Rover

Dan n9rla at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 27 22:12:55 EST 2005

Hi All,
Hope everyone had / are having a great holiday!

Thanks for all the tips regarding small rigs and downsizing my Rover.  
Many of the responses couldn't understand why I would want to give up 
the performance of my full size rig and transverter setup.  And I admit, 
I am pretty hesitant to do so.  However, trying to setup an Icom 746, 2 
transverters, transverter interface, IF switch box, meters, amps, 
inverter,  rotor controls, logging computer, mics and keys, and about a 
mile of connecting cables in the cab of a Ford Ranger pickup is quite a 
burden.  So my main motivation is physical size.

And some day I would like to add a 2m FM rig, TNC, second computer, more 
bands, more amps, and a second op sure would be nice.  But right now 
it's impossible!

I'll be buying a bigger truck soon, I hope.  But even then I'll have to 
be creative, unless I buy a bus :-)

The smaller rig would be a big help, but I haven't convinced myself to 
let go of the transverters yet though.  I also do some HF portable 
contesting and maybe HF mobile contesting in the future...  So it would 
be asking a lot for any rig to fit in to my operating style :-)

Still thinking it over,

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