[VHFcontesting] CATV RFI from 2m SSB (UPDATE)

DUGAS, JASON A. (JSC-EP) (NASA) jason.a.dugas at nasa.gov
Tue Feb 15 23:22:37 EST 2005


Well this afternoon, I did some more investigating.  Here are the results...

I called my neighbor to verify exactly what type of interference he was
getting.  He said that ONLY THE AUDIO was being affected.  Said he had a
perfect video signal.  

However, in the process of investigating further, on the way home from work,
I tuned my FT-100D in the truck to 145.25MHz and as soon as I got with in
spitting distance of my neighborhood, I heard the carrier on FM along with a
nice little hum.   Tune up to 145.35MHz or so and the noise is all but gone.

Got home and powered up my weak signal setup and the TS-850 w/ DEMI
transverter says the noise (on SSB) is right around 145.249Mhz.  

I didn't bother to ask whether his audio was being fed into a stereo system
(which might have some nice long speaker wires with which to receive my
signals on!) or if the TV itself is picking it up in its audio circuits.

I'm certainly not going to open up that television of his.  If there isn't a
stereo involved and its just the t.v. what are my options?  

I'm going to call him again tomorrow and verify how he's getting his audio--
through the t.v. or through a stereo receiver.  Sure would be nice if I
could go over there and put a couple torroids on his speakers' transmission
line and be done with this mess, but I suspect he's just using a t.v.

More comments invited!


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