[VHFcontesting] Drumming up FM activity for contests

N3AWS@aol.com N3AWS at aol.com
Sat Feb 19 17:09:50 EST 2005

I believe that one of the smartest things wecould do to increase VHF contest 
participation is to actively promote FM simplex entries and activity.  To that 
end, I think that we need to make some hard suggestions as to more 
standardized frequencies for simplex operation.  This would be especially helpful to the 
newer or less experienced hams rather than just saying "local simplex 

How about 146.55 for starters?  Also, do we really need to "protect" the 
National Simplex Calling Frequency?  Heck, mobiling around the Southeast I've 
managed only a handful of 52 simplex QSOs... a little activty might be welcome!  
How do others feel?  

What are your suggestions for 6m, 2m, 70 cm simplex activity frequencies?

73,  Jim Walroth, N3AWS

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