[VHFcontesting] Drumming up FM activity for contests

Tom Carney tomc7 at earthlink.net
Sat Feb 19 19:25:21 EST 2005

I'm not so sure opening up the National calling freq is a good idea.  There
is a bit of activity on .52 out here (SF Bay area).  The risk you run is
that you *iss off the very people you want to give you a Q.   We even moved
off of .55 because of negative reaction to using it.  Use of .52 is not
explicitly prohibited during the Sprints.  I tried calling on .52 last
spring but got no responses.

I've concluded that the vast majority of hams on FM aren't interested in
contesting.  As such, it's difficult to get them to give you a Q.  That's
the story out here but, I thought, there was considerable FM contest
activity in other areas of the country??  If there is some standard FM
contest freqs in other parts of the country, lets try them.

73,  Tom  K6EU/r

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> No arguement from me on opening up the National Calling Frequency
> Seems as if it would definately drum up some type of activity
> Activity levels even up here in NYCity are low on 146.52
> 73 de Mike
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