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Sun Feb 20 08:29:17 EST 2005

Great point, Jim.  Here are some general thoughts for
the list to ponder...

o Many people enter the hobby through licensing
o It is rare (<1%?) for newbies to start out on
narrowband VHF

Consider this approach to attract FMers and future
newbie narrowbanders to contesting in the first

o Sponsor a licensing class and talk-up the benefits
of *both* FM and narrwoband operation and prop modes

o Find licensing classes in your area and offer to do
a 15-minute presentation at one (or more) session(s)

o Go to a local non-narrowband club meeting and run an
"audio-sprint".  How: Come with paper logs and
pencils, handing them out to everyone there (licensed
or not.  Explain contesting to them and how much fun
it is.  Model a contest QSO for them...then tell them
that they have 1-minute to get as many "QSO's" into
their log as possible...simply by calling "CQ Contest"
with their voice and hoping they can get through the
QRM (just like FM Contesting!!!).  "Assign callsignes"
to unlicensed folks to use.  Have a prize (small bags
of M&M's etc)for the "top 3 QSO getters".  This is a

o NOTE: take notice of the top "scorers" from above
and invite them to be guest op's at a narrowband
sponsored multiop for the September contest (!).

There are more ideas...but this should get the
creative juices flowing.

The way that I see it, it's all about inclusion and


--- N3AWS at aol.com wrote:

> FM simplex wouldn't be my mode of choice for a
> contest either.  But the idea 
> is to try to get the FM only crowd exposed to VHF
> contesting to hopefully 
> introduce new blood into VHF contests.
> FM activity here on the Gulf Coast (EM50) is scarce,
> but more abundant than 
> SSB or CW on 2 and 70 cm.
> 73,  Jim N3AWS
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