[VHFcontesting] IC706 help

Eric Smith kb7dqh at donobi.net
Mon Jun 6 20:10:23 EDT 2005

RF gain setting?  That would smack over the S meter and
deafen the radio... unless something has whacked the AGC
circuit...  Check the RF gain setting first.  This would
apply to ANY radio with an AGC based RF gain circuit...

On Mon, 6 Jun 2005 20:04:52 EDT
 KA2AEV at aol.com wrote:
> Anyone have any suggestions as to what would make a
> IC706MK2G
> go deaf?
> Radio Keys but is not responsive to any volumn or sqeuch
> controls.
> S meter shows fully pegged but its not transmitting...
> 73 de Mike
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