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Go for a Record: June VHF Contest
curtis roseman <croseman at usc.edu>
Fri, 03 Jun 2005 16:40:40 -0500

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Section records for the June contest, updated through 2004 can be viewed at:


Quite a few of them can easily be broken, others would be tough.

Because the A category is still relatively young (it started in 2000), a number of sections have relatively modest scores that are records.

The B and L categories  have lots of high record scores across the continent and new ones would be hard to come by (unless you want to operate from the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Alaska, Yukon, or Newfoundland).

The M category has very high scores in selected sections, but a number of sections have never had an entry, including Delaware, North Florida and West Central Florida.  

The Q category probably presents the most opportunity for new records.  Several sections have had no entry, and a number of others have very low record scores.   In several of these places, ten watts and a halo on six would break a record, assuming you get some reasonable sporadic E at that location.  Add a couple more bands, and you might set a lasting record.  

Go get em!   Me?  Well unfortunately, I have a major conflict out of which I cannot wriggle.  But I may be able to get on for a few hours from somewhere on the west coast.

73,  Curt Roseman k9aks

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