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Jim Erickson jaerickson at mddsg.com
Tue Jun 7 15:34:07 EDT 2005

The K3LFO / ROVER team (Jim K3LFO+Dave W3DIO) will be operational for the
VHF contest weekend.

Look for us on 144.244 or 432.244 and we’ll coordinate from there.

The following is our planned route and schedule (we’re not an Airlines so
TIMES WILL VERY).  We expect about 2 hours  including travel from/to and
through each grid:

Saturday June 11, 2005:

1800z - 2000z	        FM27		FM27bx	Crisfield, MD

2000z - 2200z		FM28		FM28aw	Queen Anne, MD

2200z – 2400z		FM29		FM29ab	Hope, MD

Sunday June 12, 2005

0000z – 0200z		FM19		FM19xb	Carville, MD

0200z – 0400z		FM18		FM18tw	Kent Island, MD

0400z -1200z  ZZZZzzzzz  ZZZZZzzzz

1200z – 1400z		FM19		FM19aw	McConnellsburg, PA

1400z -1600z		FN10		FN10db	Bear Mountain, PA

1600z – 1800z		FN00		FN00xa	Sideling Hill, PA

1800z – 2000z		FM09		FM09uq	Sideling Hill, MD

2000z – 2400z		FM08		FM08us+	Skyline Drive, VA

Monday June 13, 2005

0000z – 0400z 	Travel to FM07 and FM17 if time permits

We will have the following equipment:

50 Mhz		100W		Moxon Antenna

144 Mhz		400W		11 Element 12’ Beam

222 Mhz		25W		11 Element 9’ Beam

432 Mhz		200w		2 X 19 Element 12’ Beam

903		30w		33 Element 12’ Looper

1296		10w		45 Element 12’ Looper

73 and good luck to all. Have a FUN and SAFE weekend

Jim K3LFO / Dave W3DIO

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