[VHFcontesting] Hunting for an M2 23cm35 yagi

STeve Andre' andres at msu.edu
Wed Jun 8 22:38:48 EDT 2005

   So it seems that my order for a 23cm yagi is on backorder.  Not only do
I not have 23cm abilities for the June VHF contest, I've been informed that
the antenna might not be delivered by Field Day.  Gack!

   Does anyone know if there are any ham stores that would have them
in stock such that an overnight delivery is possible?  I'm going to be
calling around tomorrow morning, but if anyone knew for sure it might
shorten my quest.

   If I can't find one w8pgw will still be in en82 on 6, 2. 222 and 432.

   Thanks in advance,

STeve Andre'
wb8wsf en82

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