[VHFcontesting] K9JK/R Plans for June 2005-Central/Southern Illinois/Indiana

John (JK) Kalenowsky, K9JK k9jk73 at msn.com
Thu Jun 9 08:34:03 EDT 2005

K9JK/R Plans for June 2005

This is going to be a 'solo' rove and I suspect that
I'm trying to accomplish more than I'm going to be
able to achieve.

At any rate, here's the "plan":

Saturday (local time):

Will start at the EM49/59/EN40/50 Grid Corner near
Newmansville, IL...plans to spend at least 20 minutes
in each of EN50 and EN40, possibly EM59 as well.

The drive to the next spot will be primarily through
EM49, so not planning a 'stop' by that corner but I
*may* stop along the way depending on activity.

The next spot is the EM48/49/58/59 Grid Corner near
Bunker Hill/Dorsey, IL. Expect to arrive there
between 4 and 6 pm (2100-2300Z) and activity will
determine how long I stay. I will downplay EM58
since I will driving through EM58 after departing.

The drive from Bunker Hill/Dorsey will be south and
east TOWARD the EM57/58/67/58 Grid Corner ('near'
Mt. Vernon, IN) but I don't plan to reach that point
or even actually visit that specific point. I am
planning to reach EM57...possibly very late on Saturday
and will try to sneak some operating in FROM EM57
(though with W9RVG and N5RP/W9SZ planning to be quite
active from that Grid...will NOT be emphasizing any
of my OWN operating from there).

Sunday (local time):

The plan is to get over near Evansville, IN, and find
places to operate in EM67 and EM68...target arrival is
9am (1300Z) and focus will be EM67 (seems to be a 'rare'
grid in contests).

>From there...my target is 86W...the border of the 60 and
70 grids in EM and EN. Not sure exactly how that route will
go, or even what locations I will find. It's even *possible*
that I will stay on a southern path and hit EM77 (NW corner)
but will more likely head NE toward Seymour, IN to next
activate EM78. After that< I will just be following my way
north along the 60/70 line...as far as I can within my
ability to navigate and operate safely. Planning to get to
AT LEAST EM69, EM79, EN60, EN70, EN61 and EN71 before
the end of the contest (or my personal fatigue sets in ;-( ).

I have 50 through 1296 (ABCD9E) and will be planning 50.180,
144.180, 222.080, 432.080 as 'monitoring' frequencies. I will
call regularly on the Calling Channels, especially upon arrival
in a new Grid. For 903 and 1296, expecting that these will be
be by coordination on other bands.

That's it...hope to fill many log pages!

73 & GL to all, JK

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