[VHFcontesting] WZ1V June contest

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Mon Jun 13 08:42:22 EDT 2005

Hi Ron,

Sorry to hear of your plight...was similar condx here with the heat except I 
managed to work the Au! It was fantastic lasting nearly 4.5 hrs. Longest I've 
seen since doing VHF / UHF. Not sure of the totals yet have to tally them 
tonight, but I can say it was a bit better than my best showing. Anyway was 
glad to hear and work you during this weekend's festivities.
See you down the log!

Jim, N2YEV
FN34gs, Plattsburgh, NY

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Was away from home Saturday, operated only 4 hours Sunday, missed the Au
while mowing lawns and climbing up and down tower trying to fix microwave
gear. No luck there, only a heat exhaustion migraine to show for it. Maybe
next time.
-73, Ron WZ1V FN31

       Call:      WZ1V
       Category:  Single Operator
       Power:     High Power
       Band:      All Band
       Mode:      SSB
       State:     CT

       BAND     QSO    QSO PTS      GRIDS

        50       82       82          23
       144       48       48          20
       222       28       56          17
       432       30       60          15
       903        1        3           1

      Totals    189      249          76  =   18,924

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