[VHFcontesting] June VHF contest results de NE0P

John Geiger ne0p at lcisp.com
Tue Jun 14 15:32:36 EDT 2005

6 meters was definitely 2 different bands during this contest.  Saturday was very nice with Eskip to the west much of the day, and some openings to the upper midwest on saturday evening.  I missed the 2 meter skip that occurred in our area, but luckily I already had the grid confirmed that it opened to (DM14).  

Sunday was really dead except for a couple of brief openings and some meteor burns.  Nothing major worked on 6 sunday.

No real tropo on the higher bands.  This was my first contest on 432mhz since last June, so it was fun to get back on UHF.  I was surprised how many people asked me about 222mhz.  That will probably be the band I go to next, given the level of activity around here.  No new grids worked on 2 meters or 70cm.  Maybe in september.

The TS2000 did very well during the contest, and the built in voice keyer was really nice.  I was running barefoot and lack of power didn't seem to be much of a problem, as I worked pretty much everyone I heard.

Here are my totals:

Band         QSOs          Grids
6                112               62
2                 24               15
70cm          13                 9

I made more QSOs on 6 than last year, but worked fewer grids.  Did better on both 2 and 70cm than last year, in both QSOs and grids. Had some family things going on this weekend also, so operating time was limited somewhat.

Thanks to all of the rovers, and see everyone next month in the CQVHF contest.

73s John NE0P EM04 

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