[VHFcontesting] VHF and above Field Day 2005 - K4TS de W4SHG

Steve Gilmore shg at staffnet.com
Thu Jun 23 20:29:09 EDT 2005

Well hello everyone, I hope all have recooperated from the June QSO party

We/I will be operating at the Field Day site K4TS in FM18fk at a little
county park called Curtis Park. Consider this a cordial invitation if you
happen to be near the Stafford/Fredericksburg Virgnina area to come by. Yes
there will be some HF operators using RG-58 and wire slug where ever, but
there will also be some VHF and above blasting the ether using 6 Meters and

The K4TS group will have the following bands on the air for Field Day 2005
(VHF+ and above of course)

6 Meters = 150 watts into a 63 foot 12 Element Long Boom at 50 feet
6 Meter = 150 watts into a 3 element Cushcraft above the above long boomer.
(Wider angles)
2 Meters = 150 watts into a 22 element custom built Gulf Alpha Long Yagi 45
foot boom
1.25 Meters = 150 watts into 2 - Phased 16 Element Gulf Alpha Long Yagis
70cm = 150 watts into 2 - Phased 22 Element Gulf Alpha Long Yagis
33cm = 135 watts into a Directive Systems Looper
23cm = 150 watts into a 3 foot Dish with 22dbd at the top of the tower.

The tower is a boom lift at 60 feet with 20 foot of Rohn 25 mounted in the
basket, then 20 foot of mast.
This will be at 452asl in Stafford County. All antenna's will be fed with
LMR-600 or LDF-4 Hard Line so we should be able to be herd assuming Murphy
does not coem around.

Why am I doing this?
I have no idea, but I guarentee I will, as well as many of our club members,
plan to have some fun.

Oh, I almost forgot I have a challenge with the 20 Meter operator who thinks
I can't get 300 QSO's on all the VHF bands combined. So I will be looking
for you fellow contesters as we will be doing both Phone and CW on all
bands, I hope.

73 de W4SHG for K4TS
CQ Field Day

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