[VHFcontesting] Stacking distance for 50,144,432?

Stephen Hicks, N5AC n5ac at n5ac.com
Tue Nov 1 01:00:36 EST 2005

>> I stacked lowest on top for my mobile roving installation using this
>> rationale... 2m on top, 220 below, 432 below, etc.

Mike wrote

> The only thing I see that would be a problem with this set up is that
> the maximum windload on the mast is at the furthest point away from
> its mount.  This can be compensated for with larger diameter and/or
> wall thickness of mast material

Mast?  I use a PVC pipe square that is about 2' tall, 4' wide and 6' deep on
top of the truck.  It's like a cube and it seems to do fine at 80+ MPH.  You
have to turn to rotate the antennas.  Works fine for me, but others might
prefer a rotator.  The 6m, 2m and 220 antennas stick out above the cube on


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