[VHFcontesting] W2SJ Cleaning Shack-Rev 11.26.05

Robert Fischer bobw2sj at comcast.net
Sat Nov 26 23:52:47 EST 2005


Don't worry I'm not getting out just in deeper!!

The following equipment is excess to my needs, working, with documentation:

  a.. DEM  50-28 Xvtr, 20 watts, 28MHz IF, Serial # 102    $250.00 
  b.. DEM 432-28 Xvtr, 30 watts, 28 Mhz IF, Serial # 322    $250.00 
  c.. DEM 2335 amp for 1296, 10 watts in, 35 watts out, never used    $125.00 
  d.. Maki-Denki UP-1210BL amp for 1296, 3 watts in, 15 -18 watts out    $100.00 
  e.. Teletec DXP-L180 amp for 50 Mhz, 10 watts in, 150 watts out    SOLD 
  f.. SSB Electronics LT-33S 903 Xvtr, 15 watts, 144MHz IF, 1.4db NF    $325.00 
  g.. ADI   AR-247 222FM Xcvr 25 watts    $200.00 
  h.. Icom IC-290A  144Mhz SSB/CW/FM Xcvr 10 watts/1 watt, great for Microwave IF SOLD 
  i.. Yaesu FT-690RII  50Mhz SSB/CW/FM Xcvr, small portable radio, 2.5 watts or 10 watts with included snap on FL-6020 amp    $285.00 
  j.. NCG 7/21/50 SSB/CW Xcvr, 10 watts with built in power supply, built by Matsushita (Panasonic) in Japan (Approx 150 with NCG label!) $200.00 
  k.. Mitek 903 Amp, 24VDC, 10 watts in approx 50 watts out or 25 watts in 100+ watts out. With conversion instructions by N3FTI     $110.00 

The following equipment is excess to my needs, but requires some repairs:

  a.. SSB Electronics LT-23S 1296 Xvtr- 1.8db NF receiver works great, Transmitter should put out 10 watts but has only put out 3 watts for years! Gerry from SSB USA gave me a spare set of final transistors to install. I took the easy route and used it with the Maki-Denki amp listed above!    $200.00 
  b.. SSB Electronics LT-70S 432 Xvtr- 1.8db NF, 20 watts out. Transmits fine, receive needs new front end device. Receives test signal weakly on bench    $200.00

Please excuse the HF QRP (2 watts out) items listed below in good working order with manuals: 

  a.. Mizuho MX-7S    40M QRP SSB/CW Xcvr, (Band A)  7.000MHz - 7.025, (Band B) 7.150 - 7.175, extra Xtal for 7.075 - 7.100    $195.00 
  b.. Mizuho MX-14S  20M QRP SSB/CW Xcvr, (Band A) 14.200MHz - 14.250, (Band B) 14.250 - 14.300, extra Xals for 14.000 - 14.050 and 14.300 - 14.350. Also with AN-14 Mizuho Whip Antenna.    $195.00 
  c.. Mizuho MX-28S   10M QRP SSB/CW Xcvr, (Band A) 28.500MHz - 28.550, (Band B) 28.550 - 28.600    $195.00

The Mizuho radios were always very rare, but now out of production and go as high as $300.00 on E-Bay.

Bob, W2SJ

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