[VHFcontesting] The VHF & Up register

Lee Scott - AA1YN aa1yn at aa1yn.com
Tue Nov 29 12:44:09 EST 2005

Please excuse the bandwidth but I promise to keep it short.

Every once in a while I get an email from someone requesting that I 
register them or update/modify their information so I feel it is necessary 
to remind everyone, my database is a do-it-yourself database.  If I had 
spent 15 minutes per person, I would have spent by now a total of 437 hours 
- and that's just for entering the information.

Rather than going on via the reflectors, I've written up a small article 
and posted it on my website at http://www.aa1yn.com/register-info.html so 
you can read it there - thus saving much bandwidth.

This database is for you and does require you to spend a small amount of 
time registering and entering your information but there is one good part - 
it is FREE for all to use. It isn't just for WSJT types but for all types 
of operation. This is info you can't get from QRZ.com.

Feel free to post this to other reflectors.

So Please visit the registry and I promise if you don't like it for any 
reason at all, I'll refund your money - I'll even refund your shipping 
charges :-)

Lee Scott - AA1YN http://www.aa1yn.com
Home of the VHF & Up Register http://www.aa1yn.com/vhf
Home of the VHF Talk chatroom http://vhftalk.aa1yn.com
Hooksett, NH

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