[VHFcontesting] RFSport.com Certificates for CQWW VHF Logs

Radiosporting Fan radiosporting at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 2 17:10:31 EDT 2006

If you participated in the CQWW VHF contest using
RFSport.com's logger (you'll see your results,
graphically at http://www.RFSport.com | Scoreboard
Central if you did) you may have qualified for an
award certificate!

The top 30% of the scores submitted will receive a
certificate (Silver-level = Top 30%, Gold-level = Top
10%!).  HOWEVER...you must have uploaded your
completed log to get the certificate.  How?  Easy! 
Just log-in to the Internet, launch the Logger and
restart the contest.  It will sense that the contest
is over and auto-upload your log for you.  Just stay
connected until the hour-glass disappears.

Too easy, huh? (who needs Cabrillo?!) :)

Note: you must still send your Cabrillo log to CQ to
be in their official recap.  This is NOT a substitute
for doing so (but who knows...it may be some time in
the future) <g>.

Only stations who upload their logs will be eligible
for certificates, which will be available to download
and print shortly.  Upload by midnight (local time) on
Friday, August 4th!

Ev, W2EV

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