[VHFcontesting] QSL's

Nate Duehr nate at natetech.com
Sun Dec 17 13:11:04 EST 2006

Hello everyone,

Many of you have probably started to receive my QSL cards and thank you 
letter to everyone I worked in the June 2006 ARRL VHF Contest.

A couple of astute hams here in Colorado noticed that I didn't send out 
1.2 GHz QSL cards.

I found an error in my perl script that generated the QSL labels, and 
I'll be sending them out shortly.  All the other bands printed properly.

(Darn that "." in the Cabrillo file for "1.2"!  My perl 
regular-expression didn't like that very much!)

Thanks Ev for the kind words, N0POH and W0EEA for noticing the 1.2 GHz 
cards were missing.

Also, W0EEA... your entire message came through on my Motorola RAZR 
cellular phone in instant messenger!  Very difficult to read a message 
that big there!  :-)

If you get "Your message has been forwarded to a mobile device" I'm 
reading it on a tiny little screen... e-mail is better!  :-)

I don't know if I got all of it, and it came in out-of-order, making for 
a pretty big challenge to read it... but I think I got the general idea!

73 all,
Nate WY0X

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