[VHFcontesting] June 06 VHF QSO Party LCRs now available

Tom Carney tomc7 at earthlink.net
Fri Dec 22 11:34:46 EST 2006

K2DRH Bob N2KMA Fran wrote:
> Good show!  Hmm, one of mine may seem awfully familiar too.  For some reason
> the rovers don't get marked with a /R in the log check.

Just speculation on my part, but I suspect the /R is stripped prior to 
log checking.  IE if I (K6EU/R) work a station that log me as K6EU, it 
would be considered a valid QSO for both of us.

I know I frequently receive both eQSLs and real paper cards made out to 
K6EU instead of K6EU.


Tom  K6EU  err K6EU/R

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