[VHFcontesting] Station Test

radioman01 radioman01 at comcast.net
Sun Dec 31 11:49:01 EST 2006

TU Dave

for responding
i can here the K1TR 903 beacon fairly well about a S-2 most of the time, 
the distance is 81 air miles away and i believe its using 10 watts, iv'e 
just completed a 150w AMP on 903 and just wanted to make sure everything 
was working ok, and after a full tower revision....
here is a pic of my stuff before the tweaks (working still in progress) 
and when the tower is cranked down to roof level

im good from 6-1296, i don't have a 2304 transverter yet but the antenna 
(76 ele blow torch) is there..


73 - and HNY



David Olean wrote:
> Tony,
> All my stuff has been removed for winter. I'll be back on the MWs in 
> May. My shack is unheated and with no permanent electricity, so 
> heating is a problem. It is also inaccessible in winter by truck, so 
> fuel deliveries are a problem too! Otherwise, I would love to run a 
> sked on either band
> 73
> Dave K1WHS
> FN43MJ  Lebanon, ME. 04027
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>> Hello Group..
>> i just finished installing 903 and 1296, id like to test with some
>> others on these bands if possible
>> anyone around tonight 0n 6-1296 i can sked with for tests in CT RI MA NH
>> ME VT NY?
>> NN1D
>> Tony
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