[VHFcontesting] Fall Sprint Results

Jim Worsham wa4kxy at bellsouth.net
Sat Mar 18 01:05:15 EST 2006

Hello everyone.  The results for the 2005 Fall Sprints have been compiled
and the top three winners for each band are as follows:

6 Meters
KI4LLH - 1st Place
VE3KZ - 2nd Place
KD4MCA - 3rd Place

6 Meters Rover
N4JDB - 1st Place

2 Meters
W3SO - 1st Place
K3TUF - 2nd Place
KW1AM - 3rd Place

2 Meters Rover
K9JK - 1st Place
WA4JA - 2nd Place
KC2IRO - 3rd Place

222 MHz
W3SO - 1st Place
K8TQK - 2nd Place
K1WHS - 3rd Place

222 MHz Rover
W4SHG - 1st Place
K9JK - 2nd Place
W1RT - 3rd Place

432 MHz
K3TUF - 1st Place
W3SO - 2nd Place
K1WHS - 3rd Place

432 MHz Rover
W4SHG - 1st Place
W1RT - 2nd Place
K9JK - 3rd Place

W1RT - 1st Place
K1WHS - 2nd Place
W4DEX - 3rd Place

Microwave Rover
K9JK - 1st Place
WB8BZK - 2nd Place
K4EFD - 3rd Place

Certificates will be awarded to all of these winners at the Southeastern VHF
Society Conference banquet on Saturday, April 29th.  Those who are not at
the banquet to receive their award will receive it via mail after the
conference is concluded.  For more information on the conference please go
to the Southeastern VHF Society website (www.svhfs.org).  The complete Fall
Sprint results will be published on the Southeastern VHF Society website
(www.svhfs.org) shortly.

Jim, W4KXY

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