[VHFcontesting] SVHFS Auction- call for Auction Donations-- boat anchors and neat stuff

John Logsdon k2sto at hotmail.com
Sun Mar 19 09:39:49 EST 2006

The famous SVHFS auction of almost new, not quite new and new enough good 
microwave stuff is looking for donations worthy and less worthy, to pique 
the interest of our intrepid auction buyers.

Being a non-profit, take a generous tax deduction for the donation. Be kind 
to the partner and clean out that corner in the garage with all the 24 GHz 
TWTAs you tucked away there.

Look on our web page at SVHFS.org for the details on attending the 
conference and watching the ever hopeful bid up the value of your treasure. 
If you can't attend the meeting in Greenville, SC., make sure the gift 
arrives in time by asking someone to bring it with them. Ray  and Bob , 
among others, will be pleased to tell the truth and only the truth about 
your treasure if you include a note with the gift.

If you live on the I75, I10 (I ten),I95,I26, route to Greenville, starting 
in the Tampa, FL. area and the item is worthy enough and large enough, I 
will be motoring up there and can meet you at a rest stop with my red 
pick-em-up truck. Drop me a line at K2STO at hotmail.com with the subject SVHFS 
pickup request.

Don't forget, beside the usual meeting features we will have Joe Taylor as 
our guest speaker (WSJT author and famous award receipient).

Having more fun with greater frequency,

John Logsdon  K2STO


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