[VHFcontesting] UHF HAM TV DXing

kb8u vhf kb8u_vhf at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 3 17:32:05 EDT 2006

>Howdy Al
>Are there ever any posts concerning UHF HAM TV DXing?
>Is it within the purview of this group?
>Bil Munsil
>Hams should be seen as well as heard.
>Mesa AZ

I can't recall seeing any posts about UHF HAM TV DXing.  This list is for 
VHF contesting so it'd be off topic unless there was some sort of tie-in 
(like you were reporting a big opening just before or after a contest, for 
example).  Not that it would be uninteresting, just off topic.

Best regards,  Russ  KB8U

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