[VHFcontesting] FW: W4SHG/R Run and Gun Schedule for 432mhz Sprint 10/4/2006

Steve Gilmore shg at staffnet.com
Tue Oct 3 20:02:29 EDT 2006


Hello Again,

Well folks the 222 mhz Sprint was a bit lack luster after the great 144mhz
Sprint here on the East Coast. After firing up the XV-222 I found the unit
was oscillating so off came the cover then the PA got hot, on went the cover
with unpainted screws and all was good for the rest of the test. 

Lets hope for some good conditions for tomorrow 432 Sprint.

I will be active on 322mhz tomorrow 10/4/2006 for the entire event please
look at my optimistic schedule:

7:00pm - 7:40pm  FM18AX  Sky Meadows Sate Park
1000ft ASL
8:00pm - 8:40pm  FM19AB  Mount Weather
1700ft ASL
8:40pm - 8:50pm  FM19AB Looking NW before departure for FM09      1100ft ASL
9:10pm - 9:40pm  FM09WB  Who knows where
700ft ASL
10:15pm - 10:30pm FM08US Little Devil Stairs (Looking South)       3200ft
10:35pm - 11:00pm FM08US Hogback (Looking North/North/West)        3200ft

I will be active while in flight and will be on 432.122 while on the move.
The Expediton Rover will have 18 Elements with rotator and 200+ horsepower

73 to all
Hope to hear loads of activity tonight
And I will ceratinly be listening for the weak ones (W3IY)

Steve Gilmore - W4SHG

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