[VHFcontesting] question about 50.125 use

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Sun Jun 3 20:50:22 EDT 2007

I think that you did the right thing.  One thing I don't understand, (or 
maybe I am perceiving thing a little incorrectly, i.e. maybe it is not the 
case)  it seems to me that everyone tries to get on the same frequency 
during an opening.  We have quite a bit of spectrum, but everyone wants to 
crowd into the first 200 KHz on 6 Meter band.  I'm I correct?  Can't we 
spread out more?

Thanks for my .02 usd worth.

73, Bill, wf4r
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> Last night( 6-02) 6 meters was wide wide open here in EN64.The band was
> fairly full of signals from 125 thru 200 or so.I found an opening at 127.5
> or so.I heard or saw on the scope that there was someone on 125 and also 
> on
> 130.They were NOT bothering me at all,I would assume I wasn't bothering 
> them
> at all either.They were strong and I was told I was strong as well,the 
> band
> was in great shape.I had a gentleman give me a hard time for being "too
> close" to the call freq.A real hard time,borderline harassment.I try to do
> the right thing.I would never sit on the call freq and ragchew IF the band
> is dead.I thought dead band you call on the call freq and then qsy if you
> get into a qso.Open band is another story,call where you can find some 
> room
> but maybe not on 125 which I wasn't on anyway.I don't claim to know
> everything but I have been on vhf/uhf for about 12 years now and never had
> that happen to me on vhf.Run into that on hf once in a while but not on 6
> meters.I did end up moving,trying to get away from this gentleman and 
> those
> who followed me told me I shoudl told him to stick his mike .....well you
> know.I had a huge pile-up,and I was trying to give the deserving my 
> somewhat
> rare EN64 grid square.So I was workimg them fairly quickly with a little 
> bit
> of ragchewing if I had been close to thier QTH on some of our NASCAR
> trips.Did I do something wrong by doing that.Please let me know one way or
> the other,I can take if I was wrong.I'm a big boy.Life is still good and 
> my
> glass is half full but this guy rattled me.  Gregg  K9KL
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