[VHFcontesting] K4XY June VHF Contest

Daniel Sullivan djs13 at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 4 20:37:48 EDT 2007

Well this go around we will use the Vienna Wireless Society Club Call of 
K4XY from the KF4PPF station. We hope to be QRV from FM18 on/around:

50.140 SSB/CW, 52.51 FM
144.240 SSB/CW, 146.55 FM
222.140 SSB/CW (if we get the transverter working in time), 223.500 (?) FM
432.140 SSB/CW, 446.025 FM

We should have plenty of aluminum up and running around 100w on each band. 
This week (weather permitting) the 432 25 element beam goes up and the 10 
ele 220 beam gets some TLC. With luck we'll have no excuses for not working 
people other than operator error or bad conditions.

Dan S.

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