[VHFcontesting] Fourlanders W4NH June Contest

Jim Worsham wa4kxy at bellsouth.net
Mon Jun 4 23:15:40 EDT 2007

Once again, the Fourlanders W4NH will be operating from Soco Bald between
Cherokee and Maggie Valley, NC in grid EM85jm.  We will have 50 MHz through
2304 MHz.  Big antennas (stacked beams) and high TX power (1 kw +) on 50
through 432 MHz.  We will also have good antennas and power on 903 through
2304.  We will have a small dish mounted on a tripod for 10 GHz and 5760
MHz.  We can usually work a couple of folks on those bands.  3456 MHz is
also a possibility.

The coordinates of Soco Bald are 35.5153 N and -83.1825 W so make sure you
point your antennas our direction and listen for us. Our 222 and 432 CQ
machines will be running on or close to 222.133 Mhz and 432.133 Mhz most of
the contest.

Jim, W4KXY

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