[VHFcontesting] K7DAE/Rover - DM09, DM19, DM29, DM39, DN20, DN30, DN21, DN31, DN22, DN12, DN13, DN02, CN92, CN91, CM99

T. M. k7xc at charter.net
Sat Jun 9 21:04:19 EDT 2007

ATTN 222 OPs.......

Beginning at 6 AM Sunday, Jack - NA7RF will be using my rover rig to active 
several grids needed by myself and others to complete our 222 Mhz VUCC's.

He will be active as K7DAE/Rover on 6, 2, 222, and 432 Mhz SSB/CW. single 
loop on 6 with Loops and yagis on 2, 222, and 432 while in motion. 100W on 
6M, 170W on 2M, 140W on 222, and 20W on 432.

Sunday's route will be as follows and times are approximate at best...

0600 AM - Leave K7XC QTH on Hwy 50 East
0730 AM - Traversing DM19, stopping at high points along the way.
1000 AM - DM29 atop Cave Mtn near Ely.
0100 PM - DM39 briefly
0130 PM - Traversing DN20, stopping at high points along the way.
0200 PM - DN30 Briefly
0230 PM - Traversing DN21, stopping at high points along the way.
0300 PM - DN31 briefly (If Possible)
0400 PM - DN22, stopping at a cell site just north of the gridline
0500 PM - DN12, Stopping along the way where possible
0600 PM - Traversing DN13
0630 PM - DN12, Stopping if possible
0700 PM - DN02, Stopping If possible
0800 PM - Should be in CN92/CN91 by end of the contest, CM99 if all goes 

It should be fun keepin track of him!

73s de Tim - K7XC - DM09nm... sk

"One who fears limits his activities. Failure is only the opportunity to 
more intelligently begin again." -Henry Ford 

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