[VHFcontesting] Rovermania, UHF Contest, and Limited Rover Award

jcplatt1 at mmm.com jcplatt1 at mmm.com
Wed Jun 27 14:50:10 EDT 2007

After the July 21 -22 CQWW-VHF Contest comes the ARRL's UHF Contest on
August 4th and 5th.   Last year's UHF contest represented the third
straight year of increased log submissions, and looking back at the 29
years of history for this contest, 2006 represented the 6th highest total
log count.

Once again, here in the Upper Midwest, the Northern Lights Radio Society
(NLRS) will be sponsoring Rovermania, in this case Rovermania IV, with the
intent of getting the rovers out and generating fun for all.    You can
find out more information about how our local club promotes activity via
Rovermania on our clubs website at http://www.nlrs.org/#AugUHF_Rover  .

New this year, the NLRS is sponsoring a first and second place Limited
Rover award.     This award was created in recognition that only rovers
with six or more bands place within the top group of rovers nationally.
Not everyone has enough bands to look like the Mars Rover !  We have
defined the Limited Rover as a rover who competes with no more than three
bands.  The three bands may be any three bands of their choice that are
available for use during the UHF contest.   The two winners will be
determined by review of the ARRL's post contest database.   Full rules for
the NLRS Limited Rover Award can be found on our clubs website at
http://www.nlrs.org/RoverMania/index.htm  , then click on "The Limited
Rover Award".

Please mark August 4 and 5 on your calendar, get on and make some contacts,
and then send in a log.   Remember paper logs are OK.

Now is the time to make your UHF contest plans and to perhaps work with
your own local club to sponsor Rovermania in your area.   If you have not
tried roving and have some interest, this is the contest to give it a go.
Antennas for 222 and up are a lot easier to rove with and amazing distances
can be spanned with short boom yagis, short feedlines, and a superior
operating location.   Also, the contest is only 24 hours long so it leaves
weekend time for family activity.

W0ZQ/R will be out and about for this one.   Who will be the first to win
the NLRS Limited Rover Award ?

73, Jon

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